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Law Enforcement

& Military Personnel

Arrest, detain and overcome physical resistance with greater ease and control. The Spikey System is used by security forces around the world!

Everyday Women

Protect yourselves against assailants with an ingenius, user friendly, self-defense equalizer. Certification courses available for regular training and instructors.

Martial Artists

Upgrade your technical arsenal and take yours skills to new heights. Offer unique self-defense or tactical fighting courses at your school.



* Price per package. Plus shipping. Each package includes a single Spikey instrument and an instructional CD / DVD for either women's self-defense or law enforcement / security / military self-protection. Color of Spikey and type of instructional material can be chosen per order.

Want to start doing business TODAY? Fill in this short registration form and send it to:  . We promise to contact you as soon as possible (within 1-3 business days).

You reading this text is not a coincidence. This page is NOT public. I have only sent a link to this page to people who I consider as serious businessmen and businesswomen. 

Spikey Insider Deals

For serious dealers, school owners and businessmen

I am now offering for a selected few and for a limited time, an opportunity to get your hands on Spikey Packages for very attractive prices.

1-5 Packages

ONLY 25$*

6-12 Packages

ONLY 20$*

13-50 Packages

ONLY 18$*

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