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Ensuring Safety for the Seekers of Peace

Imagine a tool that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.


A compliance tool that is easily concealable, made of the finest high-impact materials, and is perfect for disarming an assailant with non-lethal force.

The ultra-high, ultra-simple little tool utilizes natural human pressure points to cause maximum discomfort to neutralize and disarm any assailant, including one with an edged weapon or firearm.


Spikey is always ready when you are. Spikey is compact and designed to be carried with you at all times.

Spikey is using a revolutionary method. Developed for and used by police and Special Forces around the world.

Spikey is an exclusive patented device and is a registered trademark, protedted by US and international patents.

Perfect for non-leathal self-defence, designed to provide professionals a safe defence edge

Spikey is an exclusive patented device.


The Founder of the best self defense tool - SPIKEY 


The Founder of the best self defense tool - SPIKEY 


Sifu Sapir is a respected and valued member of the Israeli martial arts community. Over the years he had practiced and exchanged knowledge with many distinguished colleagues of his, from Israel and abroad. Among these are Avi Nardia sensei (KEPAP and Machado Jujutsu), Shihan Haim Bachar (9th Dan Kyokushin Kai), Sifu Juri Fleischmann (Wing Chun), Sifu Zachi Shohat (Pak Hok Pai), and others. He is also the teacher of famous Israeli martial arts author, shifu Jonathan Bluestein.          
Over the years, sifu Sapir has instructed in and for countless martial arts, military, law enforcements, correctional facility officers, and other schools and organizations. From the Israeli Police to the NYPD, the IDF and the Shin Beit, as well as Japanese SWAT teams and various Karate and Kung Fu clubs – many have experienced and loved the Spikey tool and the Spikey System.

Embrace Confidence, Embrace Security

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